What should I look for when buying CBD oil? A Buyers Guide

Trust us, we understand! There are so many options out there and so many choices for CBD oil, how do you decide where to buy your CBD oil? Here we will give a few tips to look for when purchasing CBD.


Safe, safe, safe. We cannot stress enough the importance of doing what you can to ensure your product is safe and has been third-party tested to ensure its safety.  The first thing you want to know is where the hemp was grown. For starters, make sure that your hemp has been grown in the US. You can get hemp that has been grown in other countries but studies have shown that US grown hemp is safer than any internationally grown hemp. The absolute last thing that you want is toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals in your CBD oil. Make sure that your oil has been grown organically meaning with no artificial or synthetic pesticides or insecticides or fertilizers. With mild regulations in countries throughout Europe and China, we strongly urge you to educate yourself about CBD oil that has been grown and imported from overseas. You are putting your own health at risk by not educating yourself before buying CBD imported from overseas.  All of HemPossibleCBD products are homegrown in the USA.


In addition to safety of the product itself, you must find a company with hands-on customer service and transparency. You want a company that has zero to hide because at the end of the day, you are trusting this company to provide not only a healthy supplement to put in your body but a SAFE supplement as well. Make sure that the labeling on the product is transparent and gives you the concentration of CBD on the labeling of the product.


We understand that 99.9% of our customer won’t have a lab at home to test the products so finding out the extraction process of the CBD oil is necessary. Hemp is whats considered a bioaccumulator meaning it can take in the good AND the bad so a proper extraction process ensures that your oil is free of pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. The safest and most reliable extraction process that ensures your oil will be free of pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals is by using carbon dioxide (CO2). By using the CO2 method you ensure safety, effectiveness, and purity of your product. The CO2 method is most commonly used but it is by far the most expensive method.


CBD oil is not something you are looking to purchase cheap, the extraction method is extremely expensive and effective which is why CBD oil can have a cost to it. The saying definitely applies when purchasing CBD oil, “you get what you pay for” and you are putting your own health at risk when purchasing “cheap” CBD oil. Not only is the extraction method expensive but your safest products have also been third-party tested in labs and have higher concentrations of CBD.

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